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Pornography’s Deception and Dealing With Besetting Sin of Sexual Immorality

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Pornography is a gateway vice into deeper and more pervasive sexual immoral vices. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, pornography was introduced to me at an early age. My dad had a rather extensive Playboy, and it was this idea of pornography was a rite of passage for young men delve into. I mean, why not? I was no different than any other young man, so with my dad looking at pornography, I felt that it was okay. I had red American blood coursing through my veins, and I certainly had an affection for girls. It was this affection that was a reinforcing notion that it was okay to look at such pornographic images. I spent time growing up being by myself, and I lived with a parent that was overbearing and absent though physically there. Pornography gave me a feeling of comfort that my mom could not provide. My relationship with my mom was an ongoing struggle in the sense that we argued a lot. Looking at pornography gave me an escape from the constant struggle. I knew that I did not want to do drugs because I have heard of the horror stories that came with such means of escape. I ridiculed those who did drugs, and considered them to be weak, and all the while, I was looking at pornography  to escape my pain of loneliness and worthlessness. In essence, I was no different the drug abusers. I never saw the overarching implications of looking at pornography. I was always told that looking at stuff like that would make you blind, and I was happy to go blind. In reality, they were right because I was blind to the realization that my mind was being reprogrammed. My mind was starting to see women as objects for my desire, and the beauty of what they truly are was vacant from my mind. My interpretation of intimacy involved some funky position or some place, or it involved a device of some sort. I apologize for the verbiage here, but I want to drive home a point about what pornography does and do. Intimacy in the true sense involved being with my spouse, which was a foreign concept to me. Intimacy was another word for sex, and the fact that pornography was in essence rewriting the hard-drive of my mind was over looked because the images were meeting my insatiable desire to live in my fantastical mindset True intimacy is actually being with the person the woman or man who God has given you and recognizing that they are an image bearer. That man or woman has a soul, spirit, and a body. They are precious in the sense that they are there for you as you are for them. Holding them close to you, patting them on the butt, kissing are all forms of non sexual intimacy. The act of sex is the ultimate end result of intimacy. Being intimate does not mean it has to lead to sex.

More and More

After years of looking at pornography, I found myself having desires to go to places where one could have illicit sex without knowing the names of the partners, and I found myself becoming more and more poly sexual. It did not matter to me homosexuality became a fantasy that I found to be very desirable. My appetite had morphed into something bigger; heterosexual pornography was boring to me, and I watched more homosexual pornography than anything else. Meanwhile, I was living a double life that no one knew about, for I was safe. I never acted on my lustful passions, and I never saw that the root of my desires becoming more perverse was due in large to my connection to pornography. See, all I knew was that as long as I could play the parts, all was good. In fact, my life was like the child that built a sand castle at the water’s edge and every time a wave came in, it took some of the castle down, so the child works frantically trying to repair the wall or the tower back before the next wave came in. Despite his efforts, the castle was doomed. My walls were crumbling all around me despite my efforts to keep it all together. My intimacy with my wife was falling off due to pornography induced erectile dysfunction, my heart started to flutter due to not giving it the rest it needed. My wife’s knowledge of me looking at pornography started to place a wedge between us causing more isolation and harm. It is easy to lose sight of what is happening to you and your life when you are blind. My path was opening up to me, and it was being paved unbeknownst to me with the lustful desires and appetites. As much safety as my private time afforded me, I was unconcerned with the periphery, and I did not really care because it was all good: so I thought. My appetite for that bigger and better euphoric experience was my priority, and there was nothing going to stop me. I was starting in the early stages of becoming out of control, and that thought scares me to death. The thought of losing everything I love terrified me. I am so in love with my wife, and the beautiful family God has blessed me with was hanging in front of me, which could so easily slipped away from me.

The Dark Path

Recently, there are some people who are close to me and my wife, and the ravages of pornography has rocked their life. The news came to us by surprise, Jawny and my wife talked on the phone one afternoon when Jawny told my wife that her husband had been arrested for looking at child-pornography. My wife’s mouth hit the floor. She told me the news after her conversation with Jawny, and immediately, my heart sank; I felt so bad for Jawny and her husband Roland. I felt the need to reach out to Roland as he sat in jail awaiting his trial. We had learned that in order to be caught by the FBI and SBI over this kind of pornography, you had to purposely seek this kind of pornography out on the web. Jawny was so distraught over this predicament; to her it was the icing on the cake for their marriage. Her initial response to the arrest and was that she was done. After years of being alienated from her loved ones and others in her life, Jawny was tired of Roland’s  controlling attitude and isolation to look at pornography. See this is what this sin does to individuals, for it is like a drug, which one looks for a greater and greater high. Like all sin, pornography leads one down a destructive path to death. Not only did he start looking into child pornography, he created emotional relationships with other women in light looking at child pornography. Pornography promised instant gratification, and to Roland, pornography was better than actually being involved with his wife. Again sexual sin promises gratification, but it can only satisfy temporarily only to leave a hunger for more.

The Big Picture: Sexual Immorality and God

Looking at (1 Corinthians 6:18), Paul makes it clear that those who commit such acts are NOT going to inherit the Kingdom of God. Now, lets camp here for a bit, sex is intended to be between man and woman: married couples, for the sole purpose of pro-creating and yes, pleasure. It is the one thing that a man woman can do that is ultimate pleasurable, and it was intended and still is intended for a married couple to enjoy. However, immorality occurs when acts of sex happen outside the realm of the marriage. Paul is illustrating the fact that sexual immorality is pervasive in the Roman Empire, and it was a widely accepted thing for people to engage in. But, sexual immorality is this: masturbating to pornography, homosexuality, premarital sex, bestiality, pedophilia, and sexual practices that are unlawful (i.e. public sex and or sex outside the confines of marriage). This is contrary to what God is commanding, and sex is not a bad thing it is very beautiful. Paul makes it clear that believers are to abstain from such vices. The woman (wife) gives herself to her husband which is the most cherished beautiful gift she will ever give to him, and the man gives himself to her and again the most beautiful gift he will ever give her, and as long as it is between a husband his wife then there is no problem. Paul is asserts that those who practice such things will not, cannot, shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. The implication is this, sexual immorality has the power to change and affect those around you, and it affects the core of a man or woman: it will kill you (i.e. STDs). Whether we see it or not, we are changed by the sin within and outside the body.  We need to understand that Paul is not saying that there is no hope for such an individual, but we as believers need to be about killing the lust and the deeds of the flesh. We need to flee from it (1 Cor. 6:18); we need to forsake, stop doing those sins that keep us from knowing God (Col.3:5-8); we need to renew our mind and not conform to the world (Rom. 12:1-2). Let’s take it to another perspective here, understand there is a difference between those that are living in sin and those who believe and are falling into sin. Living a life of sin is to be outside of Christ, and make no mistake you who are outside the body of Christ cannot make an acknowledgment of God or a move to salvation on your own, and God’s wrath is abiding upon you (Col. 3:6). Those of you who are saved and dealing with putting to death the deeds of the flesh (Rom. 8:13; Col. 3:5) be of good cheer, for this is an active action, and it is ongoing, and rest assure that you are striving, which God honors.

Working out One’s Salvation

Because sin is relentless, we need to be about killing the deeds of the flesh: eliminating sources that feed that sin, (setting up accountability, limiting usage of the computer, mobile phone or tablet. If you are going to use the computer or any other electronic device, use it with someone present, and there is the Accountable to You app., which is great because you can set it up on six devices for a small fee. How it works is that you pick someone who you are close to: friend, wife, or pastor (if he is willing), but you set this up to keep yourself honest. It will send reports and alerts to the person of your choosing. If you go anywhere near pornography or questionable sites that could cause you to fall, it will alert your accountability contact. Nevertheless, you do what you have to do to get away from or to stay away from it. Sexual immorality is pervasive and persistent, and you need to be diligent and cognizant of what could cause you to fall. You fall, get up, confess it to the Lord, and you keep going. Christ’s sacrifice is sufficient to cover your sin. Keep looking to God’s Word and praying and confessing. It is easy to feel guilty over your besetting sin, but understand too that Christ’s atonement covers every sin that you have committed and ever will comit wheter it is besetting or not. I struggled over this, for it took time for me to realize this truth; God’s grace is more than sufficient to see you through. Continue to kill the besetting sin, and do not lose hope, for every victory is assurance that there is an end to this vice. If you need to talk, or you feel that need assurance contact me. For those who are looking to get away from living a life of sexual immorality and wanting to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ contact me also: do not wait. “Be killing sin, or it will be killing you.” John Owen




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Sexual Immorality Will Keep You Out of God’s Heaven

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When I was in the very thick of my addiction, the very thought of sexually immoral people were a far more in grossed in sin than I was. They were the ones committing adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, pedophilia, and any other act that was committed other than what I was doing. I lived on a merry-go-round of one moment I felt close to God the next I was distant from God, but the profundity of my sin never really sat into my thinking. I saw myself struggling, and trying to forsake it, which led to insanity. I would vow to stop looking at pornography, but doing the same thing expecting a different result. I had friends that tried to encourage me to stop, but it was a tremendous struggle for me. All along I never gave any thought to what the scriptures stated about sexual immorality or what it meant.  (I Corinthians 6:9-20) was a verse that hit home to me, but it was not until I gave up on myself. Now I am not writing here to say that you have to do A. to get B.. But, what I am saying is that I gave up on trying to save myself from this addiction to pornography. Yes, I literally threw my hands up, and said I am done, for there is no hope of ever giving this up. Over the years I have heard the effects of pornography, but they never really sunk into my brain. Even the negative idea of the image is the daughter of some father or mother never really affected me. My thought was “mmm okay.” This is how bad my addiction became. However, what did hit home was the physical effects it was having upon my relationship with my wife. Sexually, porn was robbing me of the satisfaction my wife was giving me. The will was there the desire was there, but the get and go was not. I was suffering from porn induced erectile dysfunction. I could look at porn and never have a problem, so this started to become troublesome to me. I want to be able to satisfy my wife and I wanted her to be able to satisfy me. So, I became distraught over this, and it was not until God opened up a conversation for me with a co-worker, which reignited a fire within my heart. The Lord was using this particular conversation about sexual immorality and the dysfunction to move me to Him in getting over this addiction. (1 Cor. 6:9-20) opened my eyes to what and how God truly feels about sexual immorality (i.e. pornography); it is wrong and I will not be able to inherit the kingdom of God. Listen to me! There is no place for you in heaven as long as you continue in looking at porn. God states this in His Word in several places as mentioned in the previous blog.

Let’s look for a moment what this means from a scriptural standpoint, (1 Cor. 6:9-20) was written by the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians, and the intent here in this chapter was to call those within the Corinthian church out over sexual sin. There was apparently a young man who was having an affair with his father’s wife Chapter 5. So, it was in light of this despicable act that Paul discusses the overreaching consequences of sexual immorality. Now, the Corinthians were part of the Roman Empire and sexual promiscuity and immorality was rampant. Paul reveals to them that there is no place for those who commit such acts. Some may say that there is no harm in porn, but there really is a lot of harm. It distorts the view of women. It demeans women. Not only that but it destroys trust, relationships, and intimacy between a married couple. It distorts the view of women. Sexual sin is the only sin that affects the entire body. Homosexuality as we all know bears the penalty of that sin in the emotional depression and physical penalty of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual promiscuity among heterosexuals is the same: depression, physical harm, and Paul mentions this in (v. 18). It is a sin against his own body. Paul is saying that sexual immorality has huge ramifications in which there is no stopping it when one is involved in such deeds. For us who have engaged regularly in viewing pornography our penalty is robbing ourselves of the true satisfaction from the one in whom God has given us, and then there is the physical aspect of not being able to achieve an erection. Then there is the mistrust, lies, the secret life apart from our real life, the falling into more and more pervasive activity that leads into more and more deadly actions. This is some of the things that I thought on, but the thing that really hit home was not the fact that all this that was mentioned above resulted from looking at pornography. It was the very thought that this person was created in the image of God and they too are caught up in a downward spiral of degradation and shame.

Humans are Image Bearers:

Women are image bearers, and for that alone deserve the respect of that. We men and women are created in the image of God. What does this mean? We are not to look at person’s (i.e. women) nakedness, for that belongs to her future husband. Her nakedness is a gift to him, and we are to respect that. Well you might say “she likes to expose herself for the money and the camera.” She does it because we have bought into it and it is paying her salary. Our viewing her nakedness is paying her. See, we can stop this by not giving the industry what it wants, and that is for us to look at it. The other thing to is that women are the fastest group now in America that is getting into viewing porn. From that perspective, we as men need to understand that we are disrespecting God as we disrespect the image bearer that is taking her clothes off to gain money. You may say to yourself this is not a real big thing to me. But let me state this, if you are married the very woman who you are with is a created being such as you, and because she is created in the image of God as you are as well she deserves the love and honor and cherishing that you give to those videos or magazines. She is your wife. She is not a piece of meat or trash that you come to and do whatever you please. She is with you for the sole reasons of pro-creating and for sexual satisfaction. She reserves the right to please you not those women in pornography. She deserves every bit of who you are and vise versa. That alone should compel you to forsake pornography.


Purity is hard because it requires us to commit. As one who sought to satisfy my own lustful desires, it was hard to allow myself to be vulnerable. In secrecy, I was safe, and the girls never said no to me. They were there for ME! They were there to make sure that I was satisfied sexually. They never told me anything contrary. However, it is in this secrecy that Satan lies to us, and he tells us that this is natural. This is normal to look at women naked or doing sexual things. Listen to me, I will call you out as I was called out. You are a perverted narcissistic individual that has done nothing but wasted time chasing after a lie that promises to satisfy you forever. You will never inherit the kingdom of God, nor will you have any meaningful relationship with God. You cannot look at pornography and live the Christian life and expect to be blessed. You know what I am saying is true, and you are ashamed of what you are doing and become. let these sobering truths hit your heart, and repent from this. Purity is hard, and there will be falls and set backs, but read God’s word, pray, and forsake this pervasive sin. You cannot save yourself from this; let go and let God save you from it. Rest assure, it is a beast that will not die easy, but you have to keep getting up and relying on (1 Jn. 1:9) “if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.” Seek His glory and His working in your life you will not regret it. Do not think that it will not cost anything to seek purity; it will cost you. Pick up your cross and follow after Christ (Matt. 10:38). Put to death the very sin that you cling too (Col. 3:5), and seek out to do what is right. Do not allow the world to conform you, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect (Rom. 12:2). Purity means that you read the Word of God daily, often. You put junk in your mind you give the flesh ammunition to hurl back at you to ruin your testimony. Purity costs, and anything that does not cost you is not worth fighting for. Remember He gave His all in order that you might have eternal life, so give what you have that you may know that your salvation is true and real. Amen.

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Pornography’s Grip: Freedom in Christ

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Pornography is big business in America. Many men and women have fallen victim to the onslaught of the porn business. I want to share for just a moment here some statistics about this pervasive and damaging industry. Porn is the most sought-after website on the internet, “by 2004, porn sites were getting three times more visitors than Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search put together.”[1] The growth of the porn industry is staggering, “the online porn industry exploded. Between 1998 and 2007, the number of pornographic websites grew by 1,800%.”[2] The revenue that this industry brings in is astounding to say the least, “worldwide porn revenues (including internet, sex shops, videos rented in hotel rooms, etc.) grew to exceed the incomes of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix, and Earthlink combined!”[3] To think that anyone of us has contributed to this industry’s perpetual attack on relationships and love between a married man and woman is heart wrenching indeed. Pornography has such an appeal that millions of Americans are in the grips of it’s addictive power.


With some statistics presented above, I want to share with you that I am a recovering addict. I got into pornography as a little boy. I saw my dad collecting pornographic magazines, which this reinforced the notion that this is what boys did. Well, my mom and dad divorced, and I quickly realized that I was not a priority on my dad’s list. Our relationship fell to the way side. Every other weekend visits soon became a by-gone for me, and I became a latch-key-kid. I spent many days by myself while my mom worked. I remember feeling lonely, and I wanted to draw close to my mom, but we argued a lot. One of my favorite things to do was to walk to the “Run-In” store up about 3-4 miles from my house for an apple juice and a candy bar. Porn magazines littered the ground, and it was nothing to find one to two magazines a week. These magazines were exhilarating to me; I got to know a female’s anatomy at a very early age. I saw things that were new to me like lesbianism, promiscuous sex, and women that were inviting. I was enamored by the images that I saw. There was a ranking Playboy was soft, Penthouse was hard, and Hustler was hardcore. I did not have to worry about buying them because my shop was the ditch. But, what this did was that I delved into activity that was very damaging. I am going to be very candid here about the effects pornography had on me. After years of looking at porn, I was no longer aroused by looking at a girl in tight jeans or a short skirt. The only time that an erection took place was when I was buried in a magazine, but I never thought of this being something wrong. My point is that the natural enticements of real female was not there anymore. The women in those magazines were always there, and they never rejected or shamed me. They brought me comfort while I was at home by myself.

Married Life:

I met a girl through a bet of a friend, which we became high school sweethearts, and after two years of dating we got married. Like most people I carried my baggage into our relationship. It was long after being married that pornography raised its ugly head, and it became a source of serious contention in our relationship. I had just received Christ as my savior before we married, and that compounded my guilt. The guilt kept me locked in a vicious cycle, and I lied and covered it up to keep my addiction hidden from new bride. I became more and more cunning in how I kept it a secret. I would hide the magazines in places that she would never look, and I would pretend to be that model Christian. I was in torment because I wanted to be free from it, but I could not shake the craving for it. Eventually, I saw light in a very dark tunnel, and that light came in the form of counseling. The counselor was specialized in sexual addiction. We quickly delved into my life and my family dynamic, and the light that was shown upon areas of my life that contributed helped me to gain some victory. However, this changed when the sessions morphed into a group setting. The group settings were nothing more than trigger sessions for me, and I quickly dropped out of the meetings. Mine and my ex-wife’s relationship was a relationship of holding onto past problems. In an attempt to become closer to me, my-ex wanted to look at porn with me, and this was exciting to me. But, it was strange also at the same time. She quickly grew jealous of the images on the internet, and she started to shy away from it. Long story short pornography added to the demise of our marriage; I started working two jobs to alleviate the debt we were in, and in doing so my ex-wife started having conversations with men on the internet, which led to a rendezvous. That was the end of our marriage.

Where am I now?

I am in recovery, and it has not been easy. My first marriage ended in disaster, and it was not just my addiction that ended it. It was a conglomerate of factors from both sides. Infidelity was the last straw for me. I spiraled into a pit of rage; I was angry because the friends I had turned away, and then there were friends that I turned away. I sealed myself off from the world. I remarried to a woman that allowed me to be angry, and she just loved me through it. I was never mad at God, but I was angry at the world and my ex-wife. I still continued in my addiction, and it was even more in my life because of my anger. I turned back to God after a conversation a co-worker and I had. I repented of my anger and the divorce. I asked God to heal me of this horrible addiction. And, God has through his Word and faithful brothers in the Lord. It is solely God. I am a recovering sex addict.

There is Help: Christ Jesus

I want to help anyone who might be struggling in pornography. I will share with you that pornography will lead you to more and more pervasive things. Magazines lead to internet; internet leads to sexting; sexting leads to rendezvous; rendezvous lead to cheating; cheating leads to homosexuality; homosexuality leads to death. You need to understand that you can get off the train, and if you do not it will lead to death. Now with that being stated you need to also understand that God’s wrath is abiding on you if you are not saved. Those who are saved you know that God is speaking to you, and you know that God will do whatever it takes to get you to repent and forsake this addiction. This is important and it is something that you (believer) need to hear this, for this is the Word of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10):

9 Or do you not know that unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do be

            deceived: neither the sexual immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who

            practice homosexuality,

            10 nor thieves, nor greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the

            kingdom of God.

Let this sink into your minds and hearts. This is the truth which I admit was a hard pill to swallow. You need to understand that if you want to enter the kingdom of God you will be judged for actions. What does this mean can God allow things to happen that can greatly affect your life? Yes, He can, and I am not presuming that God will do this and that; I would not ever do that, but what does God’s word assert. Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) died on the spot because they lied to the Holy Spirit. Am I saying that this will happen to you: I do not know. But, I know that as a child of God it is not inconceivable to think that He could not take our lives because of continual disobedience. We are not to be conformed to this world but we are to renew our minds by focusing on things above (Romans 12:1-2): God, Christ, and the Word of God We are to put to death the deeds of the flesh (Col. 3:9), and you ask what does that mean? I am glad that you asked, for it means that we are to deny the flesh. For example, we love looking at pornography, and for us to put to death the deeds of the flesh we have to cut off any means that would gain us access to the internet. Lock out the internet on your phones by means of keeping out pornography. Strive every day to read God’s Word. You do whatever it takes to keep yourself from going back into it. Now, there will be times that you will fall, but get up and keep trudging forward by keeping your eyes on Christ. Read God’s Word. Fid a friend that you can confide in that he or she can hold you accountable. Confess your burdens to your brother or sister in the Lord. This is key to keeping yourself out of the bondage of guilt. Remember that we are fallen and depraved, and our natural tendency is to do evil. This is not a ticket to sin, but this is to remind you that there is forgiveness with God (1 John 1:9). Paul warns us to not take advantage of the grace of God (Romans 6:1).  We are to work out our salvation (Phil. 2:12) with fear and trembling. What does this mean? Salvation is something that we need to safeguard against the world and the devil. We are to keep in communion with God, and we are to read God’s Word. We are to forsake the ways of the world like looking at pornography, materialism, hedonism, self-medication and whatever else the world has to offer. The world has nothing to offer of any value or lasting worth. It is not easy because we are bombarded every waking moment with imagery on the T.V. interacting in the workplace, markets, malls, and wherever it may be, but if we have to glue ourselves to the couch and order meals on wheels to receive nourishment then do it. Working out our salvation is to protect ourselves to keep from falling. Salvation came at a great cost, so we are to keep it as if it were a jewel in our lives. What did Christ advocate? You do what it takes to keep yourself pure (Matt. 18:9).[4] He was not advocating literally cutting out your eyes or arms, but He was advocating that this is a real struggle and you need to be active not passive in our working out or salvation.

There is a website that I thought was really great it is Porn kills love or www. they have a lot of good information there, and I advise you to go there. There is freedom and there is help from this oppressive addiction, and if you need help you can reach me via Word Press or Facebook. God bless

[1] Porn More Popular than Search. (2004)., June 4.

[2] Ibid, Websense Research Shows Online Pornography Sites Continue Strong Growth. (2004)., April 4.

[3] Ibid, DeKeseredy, W. (2015). Critical Criminological Understandings of Adult Pornography and Women Abuse: New Progressive Directions in Research and Theory. International Journal for Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy, 4(4) 4-21. doi:10.5204/ijcjsd.v4i4.184


[4] All Scripture References are from the ESV English Standard Version Bible

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There is No Excuse Romans 1:18-25

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Sexual Immorality To Be The Norm

Today there is an upheaval and a serious movement away from God within American society. Which it has been like this for some time now, but the moving away from God has excelled even more so today because of a desire to fulfill one’s own lust. The idea of sexual freedom has taken on a whole new level.

Sexual sin has become more pervasive; with homosexuality coming to the forefront of the media. Homosexuality and a desire to accepted those that pushing this sinful agenda is the rallying cry. With this staunch stand for so-called rights to be accepted, Christians are becoming more and more hated and marginalized for standing on principles set forth in the Bible.

With that stated, the unregenerate has set out to discount the Holy Writ in order to live as they see fit: denying and despising God’s word. I tell you as the sun rises and sets, there will be judgment upon this nation for turning away from God’s word. History gives evidence of such actions. In the book of Romans, Chapter 1 Paul states in verses 18-20 that man is without excuse of knowing the truth, for the very creation is evidence enough to condemn:

18.)For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19.)because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shownit to them. 20.) For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,…

Make no mistake about it, God will exact his judgment and wrath upon this nation as he has done so with other nations in the past.

The HB2 Debacle

The world is quick to denounce North Carolina for the HB2 bill because it, according to LGBT community, is a slap in the face of transgendered people. What about the people who are not transgendered? Heterosexual women who have to endure the idea of males using the bathroom with them there. I applaud Governor Pat McCrory for taking a stand on this, for one’s true sexual orientation is what really deserves to be looked at. And too, the push for the HB2 bill is a monumental win for the LGBTQ group because for one it gives justification to their immoral lifestyle. Money is the fulcrum to get this ridiculous bill passed. The NBA, NFL, and other organizations have threatened to remove their presence, which means no money. This is sad, but it is illustrates the extent to which those that are wanting to fulfill the lust in their hearts will do.

I thank God for someone in a governmental office to take a stand in the hail storm of opposition. The unregenerate want to set the standard for what is considered so-called right. This is not a political message nor is this a message to support the HB2 bill, but rather, it is a message to demonstrate the reprobate mentality and action of American society. It is a sad testament to a nation to allow its people to divulge in their sin, and set the tone for the rest.

The government of a nation has been ordained to demonstrate God’s overall authority. For a government to take notice of how wrong such sinful lust is and take a stand is worth bringing some notoriety. God has stated clearly in His Word because we as a nation have been given over to such sinful vices that we will be given over to spiritual darkness.

A nation founded on Biblical ideas and concepts has spanned over hundreds of years to land in the cesspool of sinfulness without spiritual light. Someone needed to say, “Hey! Wait! Something is not right here.” Pat McCrory was such a person. People who state the truth are people who truly love.

The Truth Will Set You Free

I care that people come to the knowledge of the truth, and it is this truth that people need to understand that will hold them accountable before a holy and righteous God. All will be judged, and all are without excuse. I would rather have you mad at me and knowing the truth than being mad at me not knowing the truth because I would hate for anyone to slip into eternity, eternal judgment not fully knowing the truth of God’s word. It could essentially be a matter of eternal life or eternal death.

Everyone will be judged for the knowledge that they have been exposed to. No one has the excuse of not knowing the truth of God, for the very creation itself reveals God. Overall, man detests the truth and seeks to give justification to his bend to satisfy his own lusts with no regard for God. Looking for a moment at evolution, for it is nothing more than a Satanic ploy to divert mankind’s heart away from the truth of what is right. Evolution gives justification for men to delve into their lust and sexual immorality. If we have merely evolved to become better, and that we are acting upon animal instinct to reproduce and continue to so-call survive then there is no reason for God’s word. Why should we listen to God’s heeding?

Your very life depends upon your action. Better yet God’s word, the Holy Bible is a book considered to be HATRED! This is the view that world has come to see the Bible, and some see it as the primary principle of promoting colonialism, slavery, and prejudice. Christians are seen as being opposed to what is so-called right. Christians are nothing more than haters and bigots because they read a book that is filled with hate. The Holy Bible is not a book filled with hatred; it is a book that is filled with God and his dealings with mankind.

My friend as stated before, if someone tells you the truth about a foreseen danger, and he or she allowed you to go headlong into the danger what kind of friend is that? I tell you as the sun sets and rises, I see a foreseen danger and plead with you to repent of your sinful ways and turn to God for the salvation that he has offered to you through Jesus Christ. Hate me, despise me, and discard this message; but, before you walk away know this, God’s word is eternal, and his judgment is eternal as well. If you feel God tugging at your heart, do not leave without getting it settled. Give me a message, and we can discuss this important matter. Listen, this is the reason for why this nation is given over to spiritual darkness, for Paul states: 21.) …because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22.) Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23.) and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things. Here Paul is saying that mankind has given up on God, and therefore, they have no more regard for the sovereignty of God nor they glorify God. This is manifested in a sacred commandment of marriage. Marriage is regarded as a snare, something to tie men down, a ball and chain, and finally a detestable union. Marriage is regarded as an institution that will end in disaster.

Never mind for a moment that marriage is a sacred union instituted by God. It was a union created for the benefit of a man and woman coming together to proclaim to the public that they are married. Marriage is to demonstrate Christ and His bride the Church are united, and it is a holy union. So, rather getting married because it’s detested, they opt out and live together. This is an example of how god is not glorified.

Better yet, Christmas, we all have heard the ongoing issue with Christmas and how Santa Clause has crowded Jesus completely out of the picture. Rather giving God the glory for His precious gift to the elect, the unregenerate have sought to remove the real reason for Christmas.

To bring it in a little more, you have individuals that exclaim, “It is my life, and I do not need some Bible thumping, Church goer telling me I am wrong. It feels right, so therefore, I will do it because it feels good.” Man’s thoughts are about himself and his lustful desire. And, man only is seeking to please himself without regard to or for anyone and God especially. His desire for himself is natural, for he cannot see the goodness of God (Rom. 3:9-11). See sin is nothing more than narcissism in its purest sense. This is why God sent the flood in Noah’s time, and today is no different from Noah’s time Genesis 6:1-8. I assure you that no one is without excuse.

Paul makes this clear here in Romans Chapter 1, and because the unregenerate have sought to live according to the flesh, God has given them up to do so. You may ask why. Why has God given men and women over to their lusts of their heart? Has God been holding man back? The reason is this, for God shall be glorified first and foremost. His Spirit has been and continues to be that restrainer of evil, but God does not have to save those or strive with those who ae not his. His purpose is for the elect. The elect are his people who are called out of a world evil Romans 8:29-30: 29.) states:

For whom he foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that he might be the firstborn of among many brethren. 30.)Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, theseHe also justified, these He also glorified.

You see man has been cheated of the true life that he was essentially created for. He was created to live in the full knowledge of God and his goodness. Man was to live in perfect harmony with God, but the fall happened and sin reigned upon all men. And, death passed upon the entire race of mankind. Paul goes onto illustrate this tendency in Chapter 1: 24.) Therefore God gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to  dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25.) who exchanged the truth of God  for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who   is blessed forever. Amen. The natural tendency is for man to avoid God, and the unregenerate man has no desire to come under the light of the truth, for John states this reality in his gospel 1:5.) “And the lightshines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. Man in his natural state cares not for the truth.

God has given man a light that demonstrates God and his power, but it is this natural world where man has turned to creation to be worshipped. In order for nature to be worshiped, God had to be removed from the picture. Evolution did and is doing a really good job in doing so, and now man has been reduced to a mere animal unable to control his instinctive urges. Therefore, the creature has become a place where man’s attention has become the focus. Animals have more right s than humans. With human life being reduced, animal likeness, man does not have to fear condemnation.

However, the point here is that God is not regarded, nor is there a desire to know him. By the entrance of sin, man has fallen and remains fallen, and he will never be able to attain holiness or righteousness apart from Christ Jesus. Sin has debilitated man from ever knowing God on his own volition, and God cannot look upon sin of any amount. Because sin has had such a grip on mankind, man cannot in and of himself ever come to know God lest God draws him. Without that drawing by the Holy Spirit, man’s natural bend is to do evil in the sight of God, and God will allow man to go headlong into his sin unimpeded by his natural conscience, which tells him that it is wrong. Because the unregenerate have sought to satisfy their own lust and go their own way away from God, t God has given them over to their own ways is what Paul is claiming here. And to go one’s own way apart from God is to die eternally. There is no excuse to ignore God nor not acknowledge his beckoning.

The Love of God

God loves, but there is a point where the love is done. Make no mistake, if you are not His, His Love does not abide with you. His love is for His elect. His judgment is coming, and it will be poured out upon those who are living in sin. God will expect a payment for sin, and to ignore or turn away from God is essentially telling God you will be gladly to pay in full the price for sin yourself rather trusting Jesus for the payment for sin, which He did perfectly without sin. Thus, one’s decision to not trust Jesus is claiming He was not good enough, and Your payment is better.

Today, right now, will you heed to God’s drawing? Do not let another second go by without taking care of the issue of salvation. God sent His Son the Lord Jesus Christ (God Incarnate) to be the sacrifice for the sins of all of mankind. Do not be counted as the ones who despise God, for tomorrow is uncertain. There is no promise of the future. To be separated from God eternally is the ultimate death. There is no excuse for not knowing God. If you wish to leave a message leave me a comment, but more importantly, if you are in need of salvation contact me via e-mail and we can set this matter straight. My friend God is here and that tugging within your heart knowing that this is true is God telling you this. Jesus Christ went to the cross to bear the sin of the world, and He alone made the atonement (payment) for sin that God the Father required. If you accept his calling, you too can be one of His, and you can know eternal life everlasting.

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Parents of non-typical children know and understand exactly what I mean when I say, “people just stare all the time.” Often times when we take our children out into public places, people always look at children for their cuteness or playfulness, but they seem to stare at children with physical disabilities. Many times I have asked myself, “Why do people stare at my son?” A few answers quickly came to mind as I reflected upon this, people are afraid, curious, and down right hypocritical, and regardless of the motive, they stare. Fear you ask, it is not the fear of the child, but fear of the unknown like what is wrong with him or her. Staring allows people to reason within themselves about the child. Because of their uncertainty over the child, they keep silent and stare. Secondly, people stare because they are curious, but most of us as children we were taught to never stare at people who might be different. Curious people have the look of wanting to know, but keep their distance because they do not want to be intrusive. Thirdly, there is a group of people who look upon us non-typical parents with disdain, and they act as if we have been cursed with a “bad seed” because of a misdeed from the past. The hypocritical gazer decides that it is because God is unhappy with us and we are being punished or the child is a reminder of some evil doing. Nevertheless, it is the stare regardless the reason that truly hurts.

More times than not, my wife will notice a glaring eye before I will, and she often expresses her displeasure with it. People with disabilities seem to be a burden to society, or they come off as an alien from another world. Moreover, there is more acceptance with taking our child to a therapy session than taking him to a restaurant or the mall. In the past, there were institutions for people who were not typical, and they were shielded away from society. “Out-of-site-out-of-mind” was the attitude of society. As awkward as it is already to take our son out for fear of reactions of other people, the stares reinforce the idea that our son is a misfit; furthermore, we are not ashamed of our son by no means. Surprisingly, he does not see the stares or dissatisfaction of people, but Lindsey and I do see it, and it hurts. Fear is a strong emotional response and it imprisons people, and it allows misconceptions to override common sense. Fear of the unknown is an excuse; being afraid is giving into ill-conceived ideals. I am sure you can agree with me when I say, “Oh my God! Why is that person staring at us,” is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I would have more respect for an individual if they would come and ask us what is wrong with our son than not to say anything and stare. Only through education or obtaining knowledge can fear be overcome. If a person wants to know, I would be more than willing to share with him or her about my son’s condition. I promise his disability is non-contagious, and it will not rub off.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” as the saying goes. Sometimes when Lindsey, the boys, and myself are out and about I see people looking with a curious look because Sawyer does not fit that so-called picture of a disabled. Nevertheless, it still comes off as rude and disrespectful because he is not a “freak-show,” he is a disabled typical three-year old child. This kind of stare generally comes from the elderly who themselves are disabled. I mean it is not the occasional look or the glance that bothers me or my wife, but it is the staring as if the person is dismantling my son. Recently, my wife shared a blog, “Love that Max,” and the blogger expressed how she had an encounter with a woman walking towards her and her son. The woman gave such a curiously disapproving stare. It angered the blogger, and I felt myself boiling inside over it. Curiously staring is also another rude action that sends hurtful messages to parents of non-typical children. I get it; you do not understand, and you are trying to make sense of it. We are people, and we deserve respect; it is hard enough dealing with a child that has so many hurdles to overcome, and we as parents have to advocate, do the daily tasks that they are not able to do while dealing with disdain.

Nevertheless, there is that mother who takes their child to the so-called perfect school, buys the latest name brand clothing, and they do everything right, who looks down their nose at us. I know she thinks it is because of some promiscuous act or drug induced sexual encounter, but I say this to that mother who is perfect in every sense of the word,”I assure you, I do not do drugs, nor does my wife, and we are not perfect by any respect. We are just like any other family trying to survive and do our best. My son’s disability came as a result of being premature, and it was due to a lack of oxygen to his brain. So, before you judge my son as a product of sinfulness, understand the facts, and keep your stares to yourself. My hope is that no one who has typical children, and with a desire for more will have to endure what any of us who are parents of non-typical children have been through and are going through. Remember karma is a bitch.

Finally, this country has never been accepting of anyone that looked different or did not fit the dominant culture’s mould. African-Americans, Native-Americans, Women, Homosexuals and disabled-Americans are marginalized. The strength of the nation is not marginalizing those that are not typical, but embracing people regardless of their sex, color, sexual orientation, and physical dysfunction. People who stare and shun display an ignorance, a willingness not to learn the truth. Shockingly, I believe it is easier to stand in the shadow of ignorance than to stand in the light of the truth.

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Doing What You Love

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My friends have often heard me say on numerous occasions, “Go back to school!” or “Do what you love to do.” I am a firm believer in an education being the best thing you could ever do for yourself. A friend shared a link that spoke volumes to me concerning following your dreams. The link was a Youtube video; the video was Alan Watts discussing, “What if Money were No Object,” which he conveyed the idea of doing what your heart desires and not being enslaved to that what you hate. He stated, “Better to have lived a short life doing what you love doing than to live a long life doing what you hate.” How true that is for all of us. I love the title because it is ironic; it is not talking about an over abundance of money, but simply stop making money the object of your affection.

We have been so programmed into believing that we cannot do what we love because there might not be enough money in it. Well, I say if you do that what you truly love then the money will take care of itself. Money has become the number one pursuit among people because money equates happiness. The pursuit of money will enslave you, and it will keep you in bondage away from truly experiencing life. Maybe you think it is a ridiculous idea, but I assure you it is not. It’s only ridiculous if you do not pursue it. Money will never end the problems of finances; in fact, it multiplies the financial burden. While college was in session in the Spring, I was taking a challenging class, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it, but one day when opportunity afforded itself, I shared with the professor my dreams and ambitions. She revealed to me she is doing exactly what she loves to do, and she has never worried about the money because the money came with promotions and raises.

In conclusion, I was talking to a disgruntle co-worker about following your heart, and she retorted, “Unfortunately, it takes a lot of money to do what I want to do.” After I shared with her my love, “literature,” she stated to me there is no money in that. I told her you might be right. But, let me become an expert on literature. Let me follow my dreams and the money will follow. Education is not for everyone, but it is a means to an end, and it certainly will open many doors for you. Nevertheless, the path you take should always be guided by your heart.

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Final Thoughts: Part IV (Living With a Child that has a Disability)

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I like any father looks back over time and analyzes what could have been done better. For me, I look back and wish that I could have taken that one thing that hinders Sawyer’s ability to function as a typical child. If it had only been me to have suffered that accident, Sawyer would have been as any other typical child. If I had a dime for every time I had thought this, I would be a rich man. I am often reminded of the time when Lindsey and I sat in that office at the gynecologist when the genetic counselor wanted us to do amniocentesis to see if there were any disorders or problems that may lie within our unborn child. My reply was, “I appreciate the offer, but my wife I will accept what ever comes our way, and we will not need any testing.” She looked at me, and said, “Well it can determine if the child has Downs Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis or any other problems also.” I left her with, “Thanks we’re good.”

See, Lindsey and I were willing to accept whatever The Lord gave us, and it did not matter to us what ailment or DISABILITY the child had. Little did we know that we were going to be tested in this area. As a dad, it hurts me to see my son suffering. I do not mean suffering with pain, but not being able to move, talk, and convey thought as a typical child can. However, be careful what you ask for because it will happen. I learned real quick that what I stated in the doctors office was now a reality. I meant every word of what I said to that counselor, and we were not about to tuck tail and run. He is our flesh and blood and my son; we will raise him. Initially upon learning of his condition, I felt as did my wife, we were responsible for the accident. Of course over time, we learned we weren’t responsible for this. All the research and reading never once comforted the feeling of anguish in my heart over my son, we felt so bad for him because this world can be cruel. But, we have accepted what has come our way, and we are. Feeling sorry for him will not in anyway shape or form help him.

The truth of the matter is I can look back and wish it were me, and then the son I have now would be different. I would not change one thing about my son because anything that would have been changed would mean getting to know a completely different child. Lindsey and I love seeing Sawyer grow into this beautiful little boy that he is now. All the progress and hurdles that he has overcame are worth just as much to me as if he had been on a football field running a touch down. See this little boy has changed my life completely, and he has allowed me to see the simpler things are what really matter. Most men will hear their children say verbally I love you daddy, but I see the I love you when Sawyer smiles at me. That is worth all the world to me. Thank you for the opportunity to share but just a bit of my feelings with you all about our journey. God bless.

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